A Partnership for the Ages

The Helixian team is very excited to announce that we were selected as one of the first Shogun Frontend Certified Partner Agencies. Shogun is lowering the barrier to entry for Shopify and BigCommerce merchants to go headless with a flexible frontend. We are happy to bring our expertise in custom headless commerce and React applications to the Shogun Frontend ecosystem. As a Certified Build Agency, we primarily work with clients to migrate their native storefront into Shogun Frontend by either porting an existing site, or a new site, into modern React components.


Headless commerce has become a buzz word over the last few years, and for good reason. Before we explain why we're so excited about Headless Commerce and our partnership with Shogun Frontend, let's take some time to define just what headless commerce is, and why eCommerce merchants should be interested. Headless Commerce is the practice of de-coupling a store's front-end or presentation layer from the backend order management and database.

Shopify and BigCommerce are great at order management but fast-growing brands often run into limitations with a monolithic site structure. Going headless makes it easy for brands to build unique and compelling eCommerce experiences that convert.

Why Headless?

Whether it's Stencil at BigCommerce or Liquid at Shopify, today's ecommerce websites are commonly built using a proprietary theme engine that works best in their respective environments. You can't take your Shopify theme with you if you decide to bring your ecommerce operation in house. In fact, you would need to start over with a new technology.

Theme engines are easy to understand and work great to provide minor customizations for entry-level brands for years. However, as those brands scale they inevitably feel the pain of trying to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Going headless unlocks the potential of what is possible for your storefront.

To go headless, we build a brand new set of isolated web components using React in Shogun Frontend. Each of these components make up the building blocks of your storefront, like a navigation menu, a variant selector, or a footer. There are many technical reasons (another article coming soon) why React is an improvement over Liquid, but more importantly perhaps, is the idea of component-based development. Rather than needing large and cumbersome template files, we break your site down into bite-sized pieces that work in isolation and can be added, moved, or removed from anywhere on the site with ease.

Enter Shogun Frontend

React and headless commerce has been around for years, so why is now the time?

With the introduction of Shogun Frontend, the barrier to entry for a headless storefront has come way down. Before Shogun Frontend, going headless didn't just mean porting your website into React components- there were other considerations, like servers to host the frontend, maintenance and scalability to ensure high 9's uptime, a content management system (CMS), a content delivery network (CDN) and all of the integrations to the cart platform.

One of the reasons we are so excited to partner with Shogun Frontend is that it already has these pieces in place, which allows Helixian to focus on building a best-in-class user experience for your brand.

Shogun Frontend enables progressive web application (PWA) development, which gives huge speed advantages compared to a traditional storefront. This means that we can implement content-rich videos and media into your customer journey without experiencing a negative impact to speed.

The Helixian Advantage

At Helixian we believe how we work is just as important as the product we produce. We don't have thousands of clients being taken care of by a handful of underpaid interns. We work on a concierge basis with multiple US-Based software engineers, a project manager and a product owner at minimum assigned to each client and no more than four clients per team. When it comes to headless builds, we only commit to one at a time so our full focus can be on the client.

If you are interested in learning more about headless commerce, Shogun Frontend, and the future of ecommerce, fill out the form below to schedule a demo.

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