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ATTITUDE was created in 2005 by Jean-François Bernier (JF) and Benoît Lord in Montreal. Inspired by their own families, they saw an incredible opportunity: To create a range of household products exclusively with natural ingredients that worked as well, if not better, than synthetic options. When Attitude approached Helixian they were in need of a Shopify development agency which could help speed up their slow theme, offer their products as subscriptions for the first time, and build new custom components for their marketing team to build unique landing pages.


To start, Helixian eliminated unneccessary and redundant dependencies and refactored theme and app asset delivery to improve Core Web Vitals metrics. We then began building unique and compelling UI/UX elements to prepare for the launch of their subscription service. Helixian built brand new product cards, a cart drawer and free gift utility, and a custom subscription widget so that customers can choose between one-time and subscription products wherever they are in the customer journey.

Cart Drawer

Helixian created a custom cart drawer with one-click cross-sells, free gift functionality, AOV increasing progress bar for free shipping and gifts, and custom line-item subscription widgets allowing customers to swap one-time items already in the cart for a subscription and set delivery frequency if desired.

feature image

Product Cards

Our redesign of ATTITUDE's product cards feature a custom subscription widget like in the cart drawer, product badges, and highlights for their product line, fragrance, and format options. Collection pages show individual product variants allowing for one-click add to cart without needing to select a variant.

feature image

Subscription Widget

Used throughout their site as shown above, the subscription widget created by Helixian has been critical for the launch of subscription services for ATTITUDE to be a huge success. These custom tools were built pixel-perfect to ATTTITUDE's design without the use of third party libraries or apps.

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ATTITUDE's Tech Stack

“The guys at Helixian are very easy to work with! They work fast and have a good grasp at the big picture, not just one task at a time. We’ve enjoyed having their expertise. They are professional, knowledgeable and great communicators”

Guillaume Bérubé

Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Director | ATTITUDE Living
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