Helixian & Zinus Work Porfolio

01 Introduction

In 1979 Zinus founder, Youn Jae Lee, started his business in the great outdoors, making tents in South Korea. Eventually, he moved Zinus into the home and has provided mattresses and furniture for more than 25 million happy customers in over 15 countries around the world. When Zinus came to us at Helixian they were looking to change their development agency as things weren't going well and they were in need of a trusted agency to help manage their headless Shopify Plus store.

    02 Description

    While Zinus was dealing with changes in staff and changes to their development agency, Helixian came in and took over a project already in progress. We were able to quickly familiarize ourselves with their custom codebase and get working immediately on finishing tasks the previous agency had left uncompleted. We were able to quickly gain the trust of the Zinus team and upon our recommendation we implemented a custom implementation of an AI-Powered upsell/cross-sell app. We also implemented an extended warranty program for their products among many other tasks. Each of these new systems alone have increased profits beyond the cost of our services, making our cost effectively $0.

    • Headless React Development
    • AI Powered Upsells/Cross-Sells
    • Extended Warranty Program
    • Consultation
    Project Insight

    Headless Development

    When Zinus hired Helixian they were moving away from a previous agency and we needed to come in and pick up where they left off. Our team hit the ground running and quickly increased their efficiency and output.

    • 1 React Development

      Zinus needed an agency that was capable of coming in blind and taking ownership of their codebase. We were able to consume the content of their website and immediately begin bug fixing and new developments, getting their project back on course.

    • 2 Content Data Structure

      In addition to building new react components, we were responsible for managing the content data structure within their CMS.

    Zinus' Shogun Frontend Headless Content Management System
    Custom Rebuy implementation built with React
    Project Insight

    App Implementation / Customization

    After getting to know the Zinus team and their needs, we recommended that they implement an AI-Powered upsell/cross-sell app. We were able to customize the app to fit their needs and increase their average order value. We also integrated the PDP and the Rebuy app with Mulberry so we could offer extended warranties.

    • 1 Rebuy AI Powered Upsells/Cross-Sells

      We built a custom user interface that integrated into their Product Detail Pages and connected to a Rebuy Data Source as the recommendation engine.

    • 2 Mulberry Extended Warranty Program

      We also did a custom implementation of the Mulberry Extended Warranty Program. This allowed us to offer extended warranties on all of their products and increase their average order value.

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    Helixian has been a fantastic Shopify development partner and they have played an integral role in growth at True Classic.

    Josh Marcy
    Director of Technology, True Classic Tees
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