Helixian & True Classic Tees Work Porfolio

01 Introduction

In 2018, True Classic's Co-Founder Ryan Bartlett had the idea for the first True Classic t-shirt, setting out on a mission to help the everyday guy look and feel good in a t-shirt that finally fits right at an accessible price.

    02 Description

    We were able to quickly prove our value by reducing their backlog, while simultaneously allowing their internal team to focus on more strategic initiatives. We have since grown our relationship with True Classic to include a wide range of services including building custom apps, optimizing upsell/cross-sell logic, and integrating Shopify's Section Rendering API to dramatically improve user experience on their Product Detail Pages (PDPs).

    • UX Optimizations
    • Custom App Development
    • Attribution Tracking
    • Bug Fixes
    Project Insight

    Section Rendering API

    True Classic provides many color/size/garment options and surpasses Shopify's limits. To handle this, merchants create separate products for each option and link to each other with swatches. The limitation is that browsing variant options requires a full page load. The Section Rendering API allows seamless swapping of dynamic variant info while cutting the payload by over 97%, enhancing customer experience.

    • 1 Section Rendering API

      When a swatch is clicked we use the Section Rendering API to retrieve only the new dynamic variant information like images and text. This markup is inserted into the page without a full refresh.

    • 2 Attribution Tracking

      Since there's no page refresh, we need to manually update the URL and push the new variant to the history object. This allows us to track the interaction in Google Analytics and all other attribution tools.

    True Classic Tees Section Rendering API
    True Classic Tees Custom Pack Builder
    Project Insight

    Custom Pack Builder

    We updated True Classic's custom built pack builder to account for a multi-currency implementation. This update also included some bug fixes around displaying out of stock variants.

    • 1 Multi-Currency Implementation

      We needed to make some changes to the code relating to price display in order to ensure that the prices displayed for products and total values were accurate regardless of the currency selected.

    • 2 Out of Stock Variants

      True Classic was having trouble with out of stock variants still being displayed in their pack builder. We tracked down the root cause of the problem, refactored the code, and fixed the issue in a timely manner.

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    Helixian has been a fantastic Shopify development partner and they have played an integral role in growth at True Classic.

    Josh Marcy
    Director of Technology, True Classic Tees
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