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Shirtbox is a Print-On-Demand apparel company based out of Bristol in the United Kingdom. After a record breaking surge in volume fueled by changing global events, Co-Owners Tim Sobey and Ted Ratcliffe were looking to speed up page loading, add functionality and refresh their store theme all in the name of increasing their conversion rate.


Helixian optimized a number of areas of their storefront including the launch of a new theme with customized collection filtering, upsell/crossell funnels, and a robust bolt-on subscription management tool that is one of a kind in their industry.

New Theme Launch

Helixian helped Shirtbox migrate to a more performant theme with customizations to how their product catalog was categorized and displayed in the theme so that their users can easily find the types of products that they are interested in out of their tens of thousands of products.

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Shirtbox Monthly

Shirtbox's direct-to-garment production method gives them an advantage over their competitors in that they can create a single design for about the same price per unit as running 10,000. To take best advantage of the situation, we decided that Helixian would build a custom app which integrated with Shopify and our subscriptions partner ReCharge in order to release Shirtbox Monthly, a monthly t-shirt club where the designs are curated for the user based on thier interests.

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Bespoke Subscriptions

Helixian built a custom app to work alongside the Shopify native ReCharge integration and provide the unique functionality related to allowing their customers to choose their interests. Every month our algorithm selects a group of designs that most closely match their interests. If the customer does nothing, they get the designs that the system chooses. Customers can also swap their monthly design to any of the designs in the Shirtbox store if desired.

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"These guys really know Shopify. We’ve delved deep into site speed, functionality and features with them and would strongly recommend them to others. The process is professional and friendly and has been an enjoyable one for us all round, with great results too."

Tim Sobey

Co-Founder | Shirtbox

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